Moor Beer Co. - Revival - 3.8%
How much Moor can you handle?
by Andy
30-September-2017 at 00:00

I used to be a big fan of the Mighty Boosh back in the day (ach, who am I kidding? I'm still a big fan of it!). I always had a bit of a soft spot for really daft, zany comedy. Stuff like Hot Shots, or Bottom on TV. I'm still gutted that Rik Mayall is dead. For some reason, they don't tickle me so much these days - I must be getting old or something (sigh). But there is one joke from the Boosh that sticks in my mind, which I find myself recalling whilst drinking Moor Revival. Let me elaborate.

Howard and Vince - the main protagonists of the show - are having an argument about each others faces. This all stems from the fact that Howards main love interest, Mrs Gideon, never seems to remember him, despite his best efforts to gain her attention. Vince, rather than consoling his friend, makes an off hand comment about Howards face reminding him of a mans thigh. After to'ing and fro'ing for a while, Vince has the following comment about Howards features:

"Look at your face; ambient. Pure ambience. It's like the Orbs third album."

And that - getting back on track - I feel, sums up this beer from Moor. Ambient. Inoffensive. Dare I say it - bland.

Look, I'm not here to be an arsehole; I'm not here to offend people (other than the 'arsehole' comment there). I'm not Simon Cowell. I understand that there's every possibility that Moor, the brewers themselves, may actually end up reading this article. I'm not doing this out of badness.I'm just trying to give an objective, honest opinion.

And its not that this is a really bad beer. Believe me, I've had some bad beers (sorry McEwans - Champion may be an amazing ale, but your lager is quite frankly, piss water). This is just... its...

Its like when someone gives you socks for Christmas. If you're like me, you probably dont buy socks very often through the year. So actually when you get them, its good - its new socks to do you for the rest of the year. Its just not a flatscreen telly, or a Ferrari. It'll do. It's fine.

And it is fine. Its OK. At a push, I'd say it's even adequate. I could probably drink a lot of it (it's only 3.8% as well). I just don't feel like it has any individual characteristics. I drink it and I feel refreshed because I've drank some cold liquid. But there isn't really a taste. I get a slight bitterness after gulping some, but it doesn't last. There's no aftertaste. It might as well be fizzy water with a slice of lemon in it.

So, sorry Moor, its alright. But I reckon you can do better. Ambient is fine - if you want to fade into the background.

FINAL NOTE: So, just to prove that all of this bollocks is completely subjective, Revival has a score of 86% on RateBeer from 291 ratings. So my opinion doesn't really go for anything. Its just that - my opinion. What it teaches you is this - enjoy your beer, regardless of what anyone else says. God speed, friends.

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