Lindemans Brewery - Pécheresse - 2.5%
Sinner or Saint?
by Scott
05-March-2019 at 08:54
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Testing... Testing... Is this thing on...?

"Testing... Testing... Is this thing on?"

I thought I'd dip my toe straight back in the water after last week's cosmic return. A couple of tasty reviews from Andy - a conversational Beer of the Week article - and a snazzy looking new website look and feel. My lord you good people must be foaming at the gash. Content overload after what must have felt like a biblical sized beer drought in the desert. The good news is, we haven't stopped drinking. Not literally of course, as I have managed to find time for Family, work and other activities. But beers have most definitely still been on the menu.

I've had a couple of beers that have perked the taste buds up lately, but given I thought I'd been a bit one dimensional with my taste profiles of late - dark, rich, decadent stouts and porters - I thought I'd try shine the spotlight (Andy do we shine much light?) on something a little bit more off the beaten path for me.

Lindemans Brewery - Pecheresse Lindemans Brewery - Pecheresse Lindemans Brewery - Pecheresse Lindemans Brewery - Pecheresse

Lindemans Brewery - PecheresseSo, what do we have under the microscope today? Pécheresse by Lindemans. Well, like the BOTW offering from me, this beer was part of the Valentines Bundle a buddy of mine split last week. Better than whispering sweet nothings into an ear. All the beers had some sort of love/sex connection. Very unusual pick from me from the off. The bottle is a dinky sized 250ml and rolls in at a very light 2.5% ABV. But there was a gold foil seal and a rather fetching sketch of a half-naked lady in a sort of Art Nouveau style*. More than happy for someone to thoroughly dispute that artistic punt if I am in fact totally off the mark - I'm about as knowledgeable on art as I am on 12th century Renaissance in Europe. This should be evident from the tittering teen in me picking a beer with a semi-provocative picture on it over other more standard designs. Although grown up enough to let the word 'semi' slip in that last sentence without a Beavis and Butthead comment.

"This should be evident from the tittering teen in me picking a beer with a semi-provocative picture on it over other more standard designs."

Lindemans Brewery - PecheresseWhat is Pécheresse then - well, firstly the name means Sinner (Feminine) in French. Yeah, I'm not great with languages either but thankfully Google Translate does some stellar work. Leads you to think that maybe there is something a bit special to this. I mean - it's tiny but a fancy gold foil seal, an understated alluring sketch with a little bit of mystique in the name - go on then, I'm intrigued. Well, I'm sure many of you know it isn't French but rather Belgian and specifically a Lambic Fruit Beer. So, it has a bit of pedigree - let's face it - no-one is reaching for a French beer over a Belgian. My last Belgian Fruit Beer venture Fruli (funnily enough brewed less than 35 miles away from this one) didn't go too well - mostly because I felt all notion of the 'beer' had been utterly eradicated by the fruity overload. So, does Pécheresse fall into the same mammoth downfall. Fortunately, not!

Lindemans Brewery - PecheresseCracking into the gold foil seal you release a very sweet fruity aroma. Had to go digging about to find a glass small enough to not make the 250ml serving look ridiculous. It does pour a vibrant golden/copper colour with the slightest opaqueness to it. What you do spot right away, or certainly I did, was the presence of rather large bubbles at the base of the glass. The head itself dispersed quickly but these bubbles slowly continued to release much like you would see in a wine or champagne. The comparison didn't end there though. The body of the this beer is not at all unlike a fruity white wine - yes it has that distinctive sweet and sharp Belgian beer lurking about but I couldn't help being transported back (you'd need a bloody DeLorean to get back to my childhood) about 25 years to a family gathering where the group of underage kids were given a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic fruity wine to keep them happy. Given the low percentage on this beer it was very much like that. The flavour profile is, as says on the bottle, Peach and I also got Strawberry hints. It isn't in your face like the Fruli - it's far subtler and more balanced. A nice level of juicy/fruitiness. I found myself confused by it. It was certainly not unpleasant.

Lindemans Brewery - PecheresseBut did I like it? I'm not sure - yes, I think so, maybe. It certainly is beer like - you do get it but that feel and look of being like wine makes it very quirky. It is very light indeed and easy to drink - plus given it is just a mouthful and a bit means it disappears fast. I'd recommend you go try this one for yourself. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary to break the mundane IPA tsunami then this might be the beer for you. It makes you think - if nothing else - and ponder what it really is. I'm glad I picked this little gem out. Caught me off guard.

The Important Stuff:
Brewery: Lindemans BreweryBeer: PécheresseABV: 2.5%

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