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01-March-2019 at 11:50
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We're really spoiling you lot this week. Two reviews posted earlier on and now a resurrection (or perhaps, a re-ressurection?) of our Beer of the Week feature - with Scott included (another resurrection?) for good measure. I... I don't... I may collapse from the sheer excitement.

So, without further ado, let's get to it!

Andy: I feel that, rather than being an actual BOTW article, this is just a chance for me to prove to everyone that Scott is still alive...

Moor - Amoor Moor - Amoor Moor - Amoor Fullers - ESB

Scott: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in". I'm most definitely alive though. Hibernation season is almost at an end. But I'm back.

"This is just a chance for me to prove to everyone that Scott is still alive..."

Moor - AmoorAndy: There'll be folk out there saying "But ARE you really alive? Is Andy just pulling a fast one on us?" - How do we prove it? Do we need to set a task for you? Something like taking a photo of yourself next to a copy of today's paper? Or swigging a beer in work?

Scott: The latter option is probably the most tempting, and given I get most of my Beer deliveries to work I'm often close to cracking one open. I don't even have any excuses for my exile. Have recently turned the big 4-0 and have had a stockpile of beer to try numb the pain. Many of which have been noteworthy. I'm sure the folks will think it has all been worth the wait - especially with the new jazzy site design now in full flow.

Andy: I'm not even sure people read this anymore... I fear the revamp was all for naught... ::sob::

But - wiping the tears away for now - beer. Specifically, Beer of the Week. Among the myriad of beers you mentioned above, do you have one that you had in the past week that jumped out at you? That made you forget that you were a year closer to drawing your pension?!

Scott: Yeah there were a few. I actually halved in for the BeerWulf Valentines Pack with Blair last week - not because we are pure romantic and stuff but because I had already had a few of the beers and was too cheap to afford it all on my own just before payday. I specifically wanted it to get a hold of Beaverton Lupuloid - however, I've not yet tried that. The beer that has so far jumped out though was Moor Beer Co's - Amoor - Choc/Coffee porter. What about yourself? Any prized gems uncovered this week?

Andy: ...and what a beautiful couple you and BK would make...

Yeah I had a few decent beers last weekend and the most surprising thing to come from this BOTW article, is the fact that I had a bottle of Millionaire (insert Homer salivating image here) and I'm not choosing that as my selection...

Fullers - ESBI am, in fact, going to go for Fullers ESB (which I reviewed on Wednesday). It took me a bit by surprise, mainly because I wasn't expecting much from it and because it was so well rounded.

"I've chosen Fullers ESB, mainly because I wasn't expecting much from it and it was so well rounded."

Scott: I think it tends to be a bit like that though. The ones you are most looking forward to aren't necessarily the ones that shine through. The Moor one for example I thought I'd already had so I kind of dismissed it a little. Turns out it was more a straight up Stout I'd had before and not this decadent Porter. However, I have to say I am deeply disappointed in your view on Millionaire. I thought you'd have really slobbered all over that one like I had previously.

Andy: Oh man, don't get me wrong - it was superb (despite BK's comments on Untappd...) I just feel like it might be a bit of a cop out to pick it as BOTW, given that we've both got a huge man-crush on it and Wild Beer Co.

And - it may be controversial to say it - but I reckon ESB was just as good. It sort of crept up on me and now its haunting my dreams. It's like AND Union Sunday Pale Ale all over again... and like Sunday Pale Ale, the only frigging place I can get it, is Waitrose. Ay Carumba.

Scott: That's fair enough. As long as you didn't hate it. For me Millionaire has been an odd one as it was one of the 1st beers that really got me excited. The subsequent ones I had after maybe a year gap were not quite what I remembered. Maybe I'd have been better leaving it as the Myth & Legend.

However, I haven't really strayed that far with this BOTW offering as going from a Choc + Salted Caramel Milk Stout to a Choc / Coffee / Nutty Porter really isn't that far of a stretch given the flavour profiles and the fact the Milk Stout consistency is far smoother and closer to a porter for me than a traditional heavy bodied stout.

Moor - AmoorAndy: Stouts are king for me. Genuinely could drink them all the time. Never tire of finding new ones.

So... the question now is: are we going to keep this feature going regularly, or is it going to die a slow death like before??

Scott: Well, I think BOTW is possibly a bit too regular in terms of content overload - as long as we are producing some other finely crafted high brow articles (what? You haven't read those? Go check - there's loads of them!). We could probably get away with one of these collab ones monthly. And, I know it's ridiculous, on the stop, quick fire thinking. But... we could totally call it, Beer of the Month. BOTM!! I really outdo myself sometimes. It's a gift.

I'm with you on the Stouts - Porters are a close 2nd from me. And as much as I hope I'm not one dimensional with the beers that end up high on my list - I just cannot help falling for these styles. IPAs bore the life out of me. A huge mountain of efforts by dozens or hundreds of breweries that all taste roughly the same. Y-awn!

Andy: Yep, I concur - both to a BOTM (a genius and completely original idea BTW...!) and also on IPAs. I'll drink them, but they've become a bit of a cliché these days.

So... in summary, my BOTW is ESB from Fullers and Scott's is...

Scott: ....hold up... did we actually review them? I know you already did as you produced this fine article however I've not said a great deal about mine. Should I...

Andy: ...well, I mean - if you must... :P

I'll just push folk towards my recent review and say "It's my BOTW because its rather good".

But yeah go for it - you have been shirking your responsibilities lately...

Moor - AmoorScott: This is very true and I should be heavily admonished for it, led through the streets in stocks and have rotten veg thrown at me for my inexplicable absence...

As I said - Amoor actually caught me out - my preconception was that it was going to be a bit by the numbers middle of the road number. It does say on the can that it is a decadent porter and they aren't wrong at all here. It's a big luxurious body - smooth and rich with great roasted coffee and chocolate flavours sitting front and foremost with only a hint of that sweet earthy nut on the end. In comparison to say the Millionaire, which has that feeling of almost being too sweet (likely the caramel) to the point you couldn't sit and have several - Amoor is really well balanced. It doesn't get carried away with pushing in any direction that would make you second think reaching for another can. Very happily surprised with Amoor - and I'd definitely recommend it for you dark beer lovers.

"Amoor really caught me out - it's so well balanced and doesn't get carried away in any directio that would make you second think having another can."

Andy: I may need to look that one up at some point, if I can find it anywhere...

So - have I missed anything else this time? Or can I go looking for my box of rotten tomatoes to pelt you with??

Scott: No I think you are all clear - Open Fire!!!

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