I'm Still Alive
...And Now For A Service Announcement
by Andy
31-May-2018 at 09:54
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This may be the shortest article I've written on here ever. I say 'article', but I think it's more a confirmation that yes, I am still alive and yes, the site hasn't died a slow, drawn out death. Honest.

Do I have an excuse for the last few weeks of radio silence? Er, not really. Sometimes real life just takes over and at other times, it's nice to just sit and drink a beer without the pressure of having to write notes and come up with an opinion on it. Oh and I'm a bit lazy too.

But never fear! We're still here, for the beer. And something awesome this way comes, in the form of FyneFest 2018, which kicks off tomorrow! Yours truly will be in attendance and honestly - I'm pretty excited about it. The more I read on the official website, the exciteder (?!) I become. 250+ beers! Live music! A ton of awesome sounding food vendors to choose from! Camping! Did I mention the beer!? It's just flipping typical though, that the weather has been awesome up this neck of the woods recently (I'm about an hour and a half drive from Cairndow) and on the Eve of the big day, it looks like it's going to piss down. Will that spoil the festivities? Well, truthfully, maybe - if only because with the rain, comes the midges and being slowly sucked to death (easy tiger) doesn't sound quite appealing.

So fingers crossed that Mr Sun fires his hat back on tomorrow (hip hip hip hoooray) and things brighten up for what could be one of the best weekends of the year (so far). And if I remember - and have my wits about me - I'll tweet about the whole thing on the official account (get following, folks) and maybe - just maybe - write a few reviews once I recover next week!

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