The Beers Wot I Have Drunk Mission Statement
...or, "I'm bored in work and looking for something to do to pass the time until I can leave."
by Andy
18-September-2017 at 00:00

So you've taken the plunge and clicked on one of the links to this site that you may have seen shared somewhere (probably written on a toilet wall) and you're probably wondering "What the hell is this? What is the point? Why are these lunatics allowed out in public?". All of these are valid questions, which I'll try to answer here (except that last one - even I can't explain why I'm still allowed to roam free).

Basically, I had a vision and I needed a partner in crime to help me realise it (or fall guy, for when it all goes spectacularly wrong). And thus, poor old Scotty boy was pulled into the mix, to spice things up.

My vision is this: too many people around the world are content to drink the mass produced beer that the big breweries spit out. And listen; thats fine. I'm not here to be a beer snob; I'm not here to tell people what the should or shouldn't be drinking. There's plenty of arseholes on the web that feel that because the internet has given them a voice that they should use it for nefarious purposes. That's not me. My purpose among all this - and Scotts as well - is to show people that there are alternatives out there to their Buds, their Fosters and their (shiver) Tennents.

Look, I enjoy some of those beers on occassion too. Sometimes all you need is a nice, cold beer to quench your thirst and make the world that wee bit more bearable. It's alright. But what really gets me going - my raison d'etre, if you will (I had to Google that too, don't worry) - is to pick up a few beers that I've never had before and experiment. I enjoy that; its fun. I want to impart some of the enthusiasm I have about beer on people. I want people to know that there are alternatives to the beer they normally drink. You may not like them - hell, even I find the odd one I cant stand - but thats part of the fun. Just remember that you never pour a beer away, even if you despise it - thats a crime against humanity, written in UN law [citation needed]. You drink that shit up. Be a man.

But among all the crap beers, between the mundane ones, you might find a diamond in the rough. You might find a beer that you truly love, in the same way that Skeletor secretly loves He-Man. And then something will click and you'll find yourself actively seeking out new beers to try.

And that is what drove me to build this website. I love beer and I want each and every one of you to love it too. And if you're reading this, or any of the other articles or reviews here, then you must have some love for beer too. Either that or you're a masochist who enjoys reading the junk that I write, or you've somehow become lost while trawling for porn and ended up here. However you got here: Welcome! Hopefully we can keep things interesting and entertaining (intertaining?) enough to keep you coming back. And if not, I'm going to keep doing this anyway, as it's the only thing keeping me sane(ish) just now.

To paraphrase Homer Simpson: "Here's to beer, the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems". Cheers!

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