Bad Co. Brewing - Summer Breeze - 4.5%
Will I Breeze through this Summer brew, or will Flavourly beer no. 2 fall short?
by Andy
16-September-2017 at 00:00

Another review, another Flavourly pick for me to drink. And I'm sensing a bit of a theme here, what with the Panda Blood I previously reviewed. I think that someone over at Flavourly HQ is trying to hang on to the summer as long as possible, as this is another fruity, summery brew.

I'm not a cocktail drinker normally, it might surprise you to hear. I'll quite happily sip have one or two if I'm on holiday and the weather is good. But generally I'm a beer man through and through. Mixing up a barrel load of ingredients, just to end up disappointed with the end result, isn't my idea of refreshment. You can keep your Slippery Nipples and Sex on The Beach. Give me a beer and a nice seat and let me relax and I'll be in heaven. That being said, I am quite partial to a Mojito every now and again.

And that bombshell leads me onto the subject of this review; Bad Co Brewery's Summer Breeze. But what relevance does that have here? Well, I'm getting to that...

A quick squint at the ingredients on the side of the can reveals a couple of surprising additions; namely mint and lime. Now, if you're familiar with your cocktail recipes - which I know you all are - you'll know that other than the rum, two of the main ingredients for a Mojito are lime and mint. So there's your connection. See? I go on a mad tangent, but I always (well, usually) end up working my way back to the point. Its a talent. Everyone has one apparently. Other than using it to pad out irrelevant stories online though, its fairly useless. I can't imagine MI6 will be on the phone anytime soon.

First sip of this beer and I'm wondering if I've perhaps picked up one of my wifes premade cocktails. Its smooth and fresh and I can definitely taste the lime and a hint of the mint. I also get something a bit like coconut in the background, but I may be imagining that. Its pleasant, not what I was expecting, but I find myself questioning whether its a beer or not, mainly because I only get a bit of hop bitterness and a little maltiness. The ingredients are there on the can though, so it must be a beer. Its more like a radler or a shandy for me, than a 'proper' beer.

That probably sounds unkind and you'll be drawing the conclusion that I don't like this beer, but on the contrary - I really like it. Its crisp and refreshing and it goes down a treat. It may be because I've been drinking stout by the gallon recently, but its a welcome change. And I'm going to sound like a broken record here, going on about the Scottish weather again - I just wish that we'd had a decent weekend this week, so I could've broken out the BBQ and enjoyed this outside. And I kind of wish that Flavourly had included more than just one bottle on their box this month!

After all these summery beers though, I think I may need to get myself a nice dark Imperial stout or something to offset things.

Nice work Flavourly though. Thats two from two so far this month. Bring on the next one.

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