Beer of the Week - #4
An article! At last!
21-December-2017 at 22:05

Look, I know it's been about 3 weeks since we last posted an article on the site, but honestly, we're still alive. Call the cops and tell them to stop the search for our bodies - everything is OK, we haven't been kidnapped. Sometimes life just gets in the way of the things you'd much rather be doing (like drinking).

So, without further ado - here's the latest beers of the week...

Scott: Well, it's probably just as well Mr Sheen is making a comeback. For after all, Mr Sheen shines umpteen things clean. ...and not before time as Andy and I have quite a bit of dust to blow off this site given that we've been AWOL for what seems like months. Ok, so it's only been a couple of weeks since the last Review (of Fourpure's Juicebox (which I was very jealous of) but it has been the longest dry spell since the site was created. This by no means indicates a lack of things to write about, as anyone following either of our Instagram or Twitter pages will see there has been a plethora of beers consumed of late. So maybe that's what it is... decisions, decisions, decisions. Or more likely a combination of abject laziness (on my part) and the Season to be Jolly, which seems to consume every spare moment and refocus it on buying presents and suitably jazzing the place up for the arrival of old St. Nick.

So in order to keep on the pulse a little, I thought a quick Beer of the Week, or BOTW, as we have so cleverly named it, could help reignite the fire and get the momentum going again for you eager beavers. God knows I've had email after email asking where we have been. So, no need to panic. We're here to stay.

Amongst other things, the beer advent calendar has been providing me with a continuous supply of new and varied beer. Of the 20 days so far, I think I only drank 2 previously which was pretty surprising. The other surprising thing has been just how much I have been enjoying them - I have to admit I half expected given it is a pre-determined collection of beer that there was a pretty good chance that I'd dislike at least half a dozen or more. But really not the case. There has only really been an occasional disappointment - with the worst offender being the minimalistic Pub Beer by 10 Barrel Brewing Co., which looked like a supermarket smart price can and the contents didn't do much to alleviate those fears. Poor showing with the less said about it the better.

So rather than spend too much time on the negatives let's look at one of the highlights. There have been quite a few standout beers but I have to say that easily the best of the last week was Honeyspot Road IPA by Two Roads Brewing Co. It's an American IPA that pours a bright but cloudy amber, which is expected given it is unfiltered. The Blurb on the can said that it's 'An IPA that hits the Spot' and they aren't wrong here. It has a very hoppy taste, but it has a very refreshing crispness to it that sets you up nicely for the Citrus and Pineapple (although research suggests passionfruit) tones. Rolls in at a reasonable 6% ABV but feels far lighter than that. Can imagine this being a perfect complement to a hot summer's day - providing some much-needed respite from the baking sun. Great stuff indeed. Hopefully I stumble upon one of these again in the future.

And there we have it... a short and sweet return... much more coming your way soon. So, keep those eyes peeled.

Andy: So if Scotty boy thought he was being lazy lately, I'm going full sloth here with my BOTW selection and choosing the last beer that I had, this evening.

That might sound like a bit of a cop out and - well, it is a cop out, simply because I've drank - whisper it - very little in the way of beer in the last couple of weeks. When you're running a site dedicated to all things craft beer, that isn't exactly conducive to getting things done, hence the radio silence recently. Good news though - I had two beers tonight, so I can at least hijack Scott's moment of glory and tack my arbitrary BOTW selection on at the end of his article.

So what beer am I choosing then? Something new, fresh and exciting...? Well...

No. When I said I was going to be lazy, I really meant it...

And thus, my BOTW is... dum dum dum... AND Unions Sunday Pale Ale. When I said I was copping out, I really meant it.

If you're a regular reader (and if not, why not?), then you'll remember me waxing lyrical a few weeks back about AND Union's perfect pale ale. I also said that as a result, I would never choose it as my BOTW, as it was too obvious a choice given my love of the stuff. Well guess what? This is my site, so I can go back on my word if I like. So nyah.

And given the fact that I've only had two beers in the last couple of weeks (not counting homebrew), it was the obvious choice this week. With Christmas around the corner though and given the haul of beer I bought earlier today, expect next week's selection - if we remember to do it - to be something completely different.

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