Fourpure - Juicebox - 5.9%
Is Juicebox too juicy for you?
by Andy
05-December-2017 at 10:22

It may come to you, dear reader, as a surprise - but I'm rather fond of beer. I'll give you a second or two to come to terms with that ridiculous revelation. Take your time - I know a bombshell like that can come as a bit of a shock. Pick your jaw back up from the floor.

As I was saying, I like beer. All kinds of beer. ALL of the beer, probably. But it can be quite pricey sometimes. I understand that it's the nature of the beast - unless you're selling your soul to one of the big boys - or you're Brewdog - you probably aren't producing thousands and thousands of barrels of beer a year. So you need to charge a little bit more for the luxury of having a proper, hand-crafted (sometimes), lovingly made craft beer. And that's fine. I don't mind paying extra for a superior product.

But if there was one teeny, tiny wee thing that grinds my gears when I'm buying bottles or cans of the good stuff, it's the size of the container that the beer comes in. I mean, 330ml is fine, but what I'm really after, is 500ml (or more!)

Thankfully, the folks over at Fourpure must have realised that borderline alcoholics, like myself, prefer a larger can (I mean - who doesn't??) and have released some of their beers in man-sized (or woman sized - no need to discriminate) 500ml cans. And that includes their rather lovely Juicebox IPA.

Now, I'm complaining about the price of craft beer, but the truth is - I didn't actually pay for my can of Juicebox. No, I haven't resorted to shoplifting my beer to feed my habit these days - it was sent to me, courtesy of Flavourly, sometime last month. I mention this, not to plug Flavourly again (although if they want to sponsor us...), but because after unloading the box, I sent the obligatory photograph to Scott, who called me some bad words and tried to con me out of the can, because he'd turned into some kind of beer-frazzled Gollum, pining after his 'precious' can-shaped Ring of Power. Or something like that. I may have embellished the story somewhat.

But back to that can for a second, all 500ml of it. This is the size of can I crave. It's awful these days to find a beer you really like, only to find that you've practically finished it in two or three sips because of the smaller can size. I mean, sure, I could just crack another open, but then I would never get anything done (although the world would be a nice, fuzzy, soft focused place for a change). So Fourpure - kudos to you for the big cans (fnarr fnarr).

I'm also please to say that the contents of the can are actually pretty good too. Pouring a lovely golden amber colour, with an impressive head on top, Juicebox is light and hoppy. Living up to its name, it has a great fruity bouquet - think pretty much any citrus fruit, all whizzed into one intoxicating smell. Impressive, as this is all done with hops - there is no fruit in the beer at all.

First taste can come as a bit of a shock - if you were expecting Um Bongo sweetness after the fruity smell, think again. This is sharp, hoppy goodness - yeah, there are citrus notes in among the flavour - I definitely get orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime - but it's not sweet like juice (despite the name). This is grade-A IPA, heavily - but not overly - hopped to produce a great tasting, refreshing beer. More kudos to Fourpure.

If I was to pick one thing that bugged me about Juicebox - and it's probably a minor gripe to be honest - it's that the further down the beer I got, the more bitter it seemed to get. I poured it out into an oversized wine goblet to drink it and for about the first three quarters/four fifths of the beer, it was excellent. Then, for some reason, towards the bottom of the glass, it became more acrid and less pleasant. I mean, I still drank it - because according to UN Law it is a crime against humanity to pour away beer [citation needed] - it's just that the final push wasn't quite as pleasant (fnarr) as the beer was initially. I guess this could just be the usual craft beer issue, where you get all sorts of 'bits' (technical term) settling on the bottom and it definitely isn't a deal breaker - I will be buying Juicebox again if I can find it.

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