New News Section!
Did I really just title this 'New News Section'?
by Andy
30-November-2017 at 10:36

Here we go then - the official launch of a BRAND NEW section of the site! It's a glorious occasion!

Well, it would be if there was anything decent to report on here...

So it's not enough that we're furnishing you all with the absolute best quality beer reviews the internet has to offer [citation needed]. Or that our articles are so bleeding edge, that not only is the edge currently not bleeding, but the injury to cause the bleeding hasn't even been made yet (wh...what!?) [citation needed]. But now, we bring you a whole NEW SECTION dedicated to keeping you up to date with any news that may happen in the amazing world of beer!

We don't half spoil you on here y'know?

Our dedicated team of crack journalists (so Andy and Scott...) will work tirelessly to scour the internet to bring you the news that matters!

Stay tuned for all your beer needs!

Translation: We're going to steal stories from other sources and pass it off as our ours, with our own unique take to make it slightly different.

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