Mondo Brewing Co - The Unicorn Whisperer - 9%
This myth is real
by Scott
23-November-2017 at 00:00

I'm acutely aware of my lack of input into the site over the last couple of weeks and as such, have the constant fear of Andy reaching toward me through the internet, in some bizarre Tron meets Alan Sugar type scenario and exclaiming "You're Fired!!" It's not out of laziness or indifference that my absence has been felt, but rather my decision to take a beer break in November, to somehow mentally prepare myself for the December onslaught that will be brought about by the Christmas festivities, including a daily top up from the much anticipated Beer Advent Calendar.

You would honestly think with the way I have been shuffling about, that I have been on an enforced beer ban for several months. I've got to the point of enlightenment - I know what it must have felt like for Jesus to have been wandering about in the desert for 40 days. Parched isn't even the word. I bet even he had a weak moment where he conjured up a Babycham and guzzled it. Apologies to any religious readers we have, I've essentially just reduced Jesus to some kind of alcoholic travelling side show magician vagabond character (which is entirely accurate). In actual fact, it's only really been 2 weeks that I've been 'aff it'. It's felt a damn site longer than that, I tell you. Not at all helped by the fact on the day I had my last, I tried to fit one final beer in before I stopped. I reached into the murky depths of the fridge to a beer that had been abandoned from some party long forgotten. A San Miguel. It had been a while since I'd went back to drinking something more on the mass produced and uninspiring quality, but in desperate times, I made an exception. I really wish I hadn't. It was rank, flat, stale and sour - I thought this can't possibly be right before checking the label and discovering that it went out of date some 5 months ago. Fuck a Duck.

So, in order to maintain a level of relevance, I have to delve even further back for something worthwhile to review. This the last of the Beer Hawk order I'd made some time ago. The Unicorn Whisperer - which let's face it, is an awesome name. Also spotted the other day, a beer with the same mythical horny horse subject matter called Unicorn Vomit (by Aslin Beer Co.) but that sounds entirely less appealing, even if the beer itself is tremendous. Mondo Brewing Co have had a couple of cracking beer designs. I think we included the Van Dammage Belgian IPA in the Beer Art Gallery. The Unicorn Whisperers design is also awesomely colourful in its impact, although crosses over a bit into a disturbingly creepy Dr Doolittle character.

Back to the beer itself though - which let's face it is why we are here, rather than listening to my directionless waffle. What we have in the The Unicorn Whisperer is a Pineapple & Mango Double IPA so you are expecting a nice fruity punchy IPA. And we are not disappointed. The beer pours this gorgeous rich smooth fruit juice golden orange. Even in all that smoothness, there is still room for a small head. There is a pleasant sweet aroma to it and you can detect the citrus tang, but it is nothing to prepare you for the spectacular Um Bongo explosion you get in the mouth. I've probably used the Um Bongo comparison before, but this one really nails it - I think the mango is the key. It's so fruity and a great balance of the flavours they have used. The strong fruity flavour doesn't fully overpower the Double IPA - it is still there and rolling in at 9% it is more than capable of kicking anyone's ass if they took it for granted. The aftertaste is a somewhat contrasting sour to bitter flavour as the fruitiness disperses and the IPA takes over along with the sharp remnants of the acidic pineapple. My only gripe, and it really isn't a negative at all, was that it was over before it had begun. Maybe I could request a keg of this from Mondo...?

Really impressive stuff all in. Loved it. Easily my favourite Mondo beer so far, but I'll be sure to let you know what else I discover.

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