Evil Twin Brewing - Molotov Cocktail - 12%
12% is not a typo!
by Scott
06-November-2017 at 00:00

...and then suddenly BOOM!!!

Admittedly, when I initially placed my order for Molotov Cocktail, it wasn't so much for reputation that I chose this particular beer, unlike KBS, which I had been hunting for some time. In all honesty, I'd filtered the Beer Hawk selection by strength and was having a gander at what other super strong beers were available. Probably sounds a bit of a suspect selection process being adopted - but I promise you I haven't yet went down the Tennent's Super Lager or Carlsberg Special Brew route quite yet. I need some wallpaper scraped in my kitchen in a few weeks though so I may look to employ a couple of those to help me out. I'd seen a good few Instagram check-ins for Molotov but the 12% ABV was more than enough to persuade me.

I have been going through a spell of strong beers with a good number above the 6% mark and culminating in my last outing for KBS which rolled in at a monstrous 11.9%. Founders had managed to brew that Stout in such a way that, although it was insanely strong tasting there were tons of rich flavours to back it up and verify the reputation it carries. So, I was hoping for good things from the team at Evil Twin Brewing for this bad boy.

When fireworks night rolled round, it seemed a match made in heaven. You can't go rolling out some weak ass light beer nonsense for a night filled with buzz and excitement. On a night where the air itself is saturated with the unmistakable smell of spent gun powder, and the dark skies illuminated with a wondrous lightshow you have to reach for something a bit special to help chase off the November chills. Molotov Cocktail - Imperial IPA is the perfect beer to compliment Bonfire night.

The no-nonsense, minimalistic design can contains something pretty potent waiting to be released. The IPA pours an almost sickly cloudy amber/orange colour and the thick floating unfiltered bits are evident right off the bat. It's exactly like you have just fresh squeezed oranges into a glass - and you can see all the juicy fleshy bits throughout the drink. There is a sweet sharp odour, but fairly tame considering the alcohol content. I was expecting a quick whiff to leave me looking a bit windswept and stunned like Doc Brown riding a DeLorean through a wormhole.

The flavour is equally surprising. It's actually delicious. Really thought that 12% was going to be really difficult to hide, but they do a wicked job of getting all that great citrusy flavour crammed in there - the Mango and Orange just jumps out. It's brilliant. Last week's KBS review noted how the Stout practically burned the full way down the throat on every mouthful. This was not the case here - it is sharp and it is strong but it is a great balance. It really takes this style of beer to a new level and sets the bar for me. It is a stroke of genius. They haven't compromised anywhere in this product at all. As I said, an understated can, containing a huge flavoured and super strong beer that is fully deserving of the moniker MOLOTOV COCKTAIL. It needed to be explosive and it was. It did not disappoint for one second.

I did savour this beer, taking my time and what I did notice was that with the way the cloudy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka... Wait... no, No, off you pop Timmy you utterly bizarre creature you... where was I... Yeah, what I noticed was that the further down you drank, the thicker it got and the sheer strength of the beer just increased exponentially as I went. That final 1/3 of the can was pretty punchy, let me say. The alcohol clearly settles at the bottom presumably concentrated in those bitty pieces. This just added to it for me. Like sitting through the impressive firework performance only to be greeted with the grand finale. Stunning. My first Evil Twin adventure and with the Danish maestros having a huge list of other stunning sounding concoctions such as Double Barrel Jesus Imperial Stout, Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Imperial Porter & Imperial Doughnut Break Porter - all rolling in at over 11% and sporting the word Imperial proudly - the future does indeed contain a lot more of their offerings. Bring it on.

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