Shipyard Brewing Co. - Little Horror of Hops - 4.9%
Feed Me... Feed Me... FEED ME SEYMOUR...!!!!!
by Scott
12-October-2017 at 00:00

Feed Me... Feed Me... FEED ME SEYMOUR...!!!!!

Man, whatever happened to Rick Moranis?

This has been something of a crazy beer filled week, without actually having consumed very much of it. First of all the good people at Flavourly dropped an email detailing their new Crowdsourced Craft Beer Bundles. Something both Andy and I found too hard to resist and instantly ordered up a bundle each - for testing purposes obviously. The things we have to go through for you guys, honestly, no stone left unturned in our quest for good reviews. No doubt Andy or I will have these in an article soon enough. So, no need to Panic.

Next up, I was pleased to hear that my Beer Hawk Advent Calendar was out for delivery - yes you heard that right folks, BEER ADVENT CALENDAR - Is there no end to the wonderful things that mankind has created? This one has to be right up there with one of the top 10 ideas of all time. Genuinely, this had me like a kid on Christmas Eve - refreshing the parcel tracker all day until it hit its final destination. Raced home from work (observing the speed limit at all times), far too excited for someone fast approaching 40. But I don't care. It's the little things in life that keep us going. It then hit home hard, it's the start of October for Fuck Sake! That means at least 7 weeks of staring at this box of wonderful beer. I'm under strict instructions too off she who must be obeyed the good lady that it will not be opened until December. Arghhhhh - I did slide the lid off though for a wee sneaky look at the top layer of cans - but I think that just made me worse. This little countdown should help me on my way though: - (right down to the minutes and seconds no less - not that I'm counting).

So, to make myself feel better and purge the urge (fucking poetry folks) I thought I'd make a trip to deepest darkest East Kilbride to check out a Beer shop I'd seen getting fitted a couple of weeks back. So off I set on my lunch hour, thinking of all the wonderful craft beer they may stock. I thought it was called Beer 74 or something similar but for the life of me couldn't find mention of its opening or any details anywhere, so it was a bit of a blind punt. Again, raced from my work to East Kilbride (speed limits etc yadda yadda, you get my drift) and pulled up outside it in jig time.

And there is was - In big rustic wooden letters Brew 74 - Beers, Wines, Coffee & Food... Awesommmmmmwhat??? Food?? One glance inside and I realised my hopes had been smashed like an iPhone screen in a breeze. It wasn't at all a craft beer shop, but a Bar/Restaurant. There was tears and snotters a- plenty. So I shuffled off like a scolded kid, dejected and hollow.

Thankfully, right next door there is a Morrison's Supermarket, so I wiped away the tears and popped in for some supplies. They have a Beer Festival on at present, so there were lots of goodies to be had. The one that jumped out most to me, and the subject of this review (yeah yeah I know, I'm getting to it I promise) was Little Horror of Hops RYE IPA by Shipyard Brewing Co. Visually the Little Shop of Horrors styled imagery jumped right out and given we are fast approaching Halloween, it seemed the obvious choice. A quick scan of the bottle and you discover that the beer has its roots in Maine Beer Week 2014, Shipyard Brewing Co. themselves having their home in Portland, Maine. However, this is not an import from the States but a production done in the UK, see ShipyardBeerUk and Marstons PLC who brew and bottle this one.

First off, it pours a very warm, dark amber colour and, as you can see from one of the images below, in certain light it does look to have a red hue. Honest Guv, no filters here. The head is only slight, but did remain throughout rather than disperse. You only get a slight sweetness in the aroma and the rest quite hoppy. This is a multi-hop Rye IPA (Bravo, Apollo, Centennial, Cascade), so the taste is quite complex. There is a pleasant harshness to it - which although seems like an Oxymoron, is probably the best way to describe it. I didn't really detect the Citrus notes that others and the bottle blurb allude to. But the dry finish and quick to fade aftertaste actually made this beer really enjoyable. I made the fatal mistake of checking some ratings and reviews online before trying it and there were a mixture of impressions, leaving me a bit sceptical. But this one does deliver and it feels a bit stronger than the 4.9% indicated.

I'm not sure how this stands up to that original from Maine. There does seem to be some differences there just from reading. This one for example looks to be a re-release, as the original was a limited run. Also, the US based version seems to roll in at 5.9%. Either way, I'm pleasantly pleased with this little acquisition and would happily consume a few more in the future. It has eased my tension over the other beer ventures this week and has kept me placated until the Flavourly parcel drops.

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