Welcome to the Best Beer Site on Web (maybe)
by Andy
12-September-2017 at 00:00

Greetings and welcome to this new site, intrepid beer fans! I know, I know - there's not much to see here just now, but gimme a chance, eh? It isn't easy trying to finish this while skiving at work...

So you're probably asking yourself "What's this all about?" which is a pretty good question really. What it all comes down to is one thing. The most important thing in the history of all mankind. Love, you say? Pah. Money? Nope, wrong again. Surely its obvious? You did read the URL for the site when you clicked on it, yeah?

That's right: beer. Wars have been fought over it [citation needed]. Lives have been lost over it (most probably). Fights have been started because of it (most definitely). If you're like me or my esteemed colleague Scott (he says hi!), then you have a passion for the stuff. Its why you're here, reading about beer, instead of off looking for porn like the other 99% of the internet using public. Oh, you're going looking for that after this? Fair enough. Remember to wash your hands afterwards and clear your internet history...

But I digress! Beer! That's why we're here! (That rhymed - I should be in a band).


So beer! And stout! And ale! And IPA's! And lager! And all the rest! We're going to talk (well, write) about it here. We're going to tell you about our escapades through the wonderful world of beer. We might even do a wee article here or there about the history, or about the types of beer. But most importantly - we're going to drink a shitload of it, all in the name of science, you understand...

We'll try to be witty (read: try). We'll try to be entertaining (again, read: try). We'll try to be informative while we're at it too (read: ah, you get the idea). That's the plan anyway.

We're hoping that we can do something a little different from any of the other beer related sites out there; enough to bring some of you back again and again to see whats new. And maybe along the way, you can join in this adventure too.

As per Internet Law these days, you can follow us on social media (euch) at the links over there on the left (or at the bottom if you're reading this on a phone). Feel free to bam us up and if we can be arsed, we might respond (then you can get all excited because your Gods have replied to you).

So without further ado, lets break out the beers! Cheers!

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